John Young

Co-Founder TECHology

“Today’s businesses run on Technology. Getting your IT infrastructure to work for you is as important as refueling before a trip. Fail to do so and you won’t go far!”

Managed & Colocation Services Grid

We can help your company transition critical data from your physical location to one of our regional data centers. In our world of ecommerce, network outages can negatively affect revenue and customer satisfaction.

Our data centers offer redundant internet and power solutions that ensure your mission critical systems are always online. Here are some of the typical areas we address:

  • Cloud Desktop Integration and Support
  • AWS & Azure Integration
  • Network & WiFi System Design and Installation
  • Security Camera and Access Control Systems
  • Healthcare (HIPPA) and Financial Institution Data Compliance and Security.
  • Network and Client Data Penetration Testing and Intrusion Prevention.

Recent network security breaches of some of the biggest named retailers in the country and the subsequent loss of their customer’s personal information shows that any company can be a target to hackers. Our preemptive network penetration testing identifies these vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before there is a loss of your client’s information.

Network Efficiency Assessment

Could your business benefit from a free evaluation that can assess what applications work and which ones need updating? We have the technology that can provide a roadmap to achieving efficiency with your IT systems. Contact us for a free assessment

Who do we serve?

Our expertise has been acquired within the framework of IT support for large multi-site organizations as well as with smaller enterprises. We benefit to a wide-ranging exposure to all types of businesses and requirements thereof, thus providing us with a deep understanding of IT needs for business. Today we share our knowledge and expertise in cost-efficient IT solutions with SMB companies who don’t have large IT departments. We believe that this trend will one day be adopted by large organizations too.

Today’s businesses run on technology

As the landscape of technology rapidly changes, companies and business owners find it challenging and even impossible to stay on top of current trends to remain competitive in the marketplace. At TECHology, we function as an extension of your team, bridging that gap for you, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing, distribution, healthcare or financial services, our goal is for you to be the best in market, and help you stay ahead of the competition, mitigate risk and increase productivity through technology.

The sectors we serve

One of our differentiators is the longevity of the team’s respective careers in IT and Technology. As a result, we have worked for clients belonging to a multitude of sectors and sub-sectors. We understand the various needs of each type of client we encounter. These are the main vertical markets for whch our solution are particularly well adapted:

  • Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution